Business Process Analysis

Before undertaking a significant decision to implement strategic tools like PLM and Digital Manufacturing, a Business Process Analysis can help identify the strengths, pains and gaps in current process.


Concerned about the productivity, optimization, Gaps and Pain areas in the current process? We're here to help!


Business Process Analysis is a great way to start identifying the strengths and gaps in current process, and we can tailor this BPA process to the particular concerns and challenges of your company. We evaluate your current process to understand pain areas and gaps and provide Robust, Sustainable TO BE process using Lean Six Sigma Concepts.


Review Current Process: This is 3-5 day interview process with all your concerned departments, will help document AS IS Process and understand your team's pain areas and process gaps.


Perform Gap Analysis: This stage will help compare your current process with Industry Proven concepts, methods and best practices to identify the Gaps in your process.


TO BE Process: There are many components to build sustainable TO BE Process, with the industry experience and using Lean Six Sigma concepts we re-define your process and build an optimized TO BE Process.


PLM Strategy & Road Map: PLM implementation is a strategic decision and your organisation needs a clear PLM strategy and with a 3-5 year Road Map, to build a successful PLM system.


PLM Business Model: Whenever strategic tools are implemented, this should help your organisation to gain competitive advantage in your market. We will help you build innovative business models to support your new PLM tools and process to achieve your Bottom Line Targets.