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The danger, called the joker, brings chaos and chaos to the inhabitants of Gotham, but Batman must pass one of the greatest psychological and physical tests of his ability to fight oppression.
Authors Christopher Nolan:
Jonathan Nolan (film actor), Christopher Nolan (actor) Installed within a year of the events of Batman Begins (2005), Batman, Lieutenant James Gordon and new District Attorney Harvey Dent managed to stop the crimes that hit Gotham City shocking and the tragic messenger of crime known only as “The Joker” who appeared in Gotham, creating a new wave of chaos. Batman’s battle against the Joker becomes very personal, forcing him to “have fun with everything he believes in” and improve his technique to stop him. The love triangle grows between Bruce Wayne, Dent and Rachel Daves.

The Dark Knight 2008

  • The Dark Knight 2008 Free Movie Download Torrent

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